Beauty In The Brokenness, Marcia Carole, Mixed Media

My current church, Village 7 Presbyterian Church, is really supportive of the creative arts. The most recent call for work, at the church, is for pieces created from previously used materials. That assignment got me thinking about all the beautiful cards I received while I was dutifully going through chemo for stage 4 breast cancer. Maybe I could use those cards for a large collage, and make something beautiful in response to my own brokenness?

As I carefully looked over the hundreds of saved cards, notes, Bible verses, prayer cards from former students, hand-made cards and original art given to me at that time, my heart was flooded with gratitude for so many dear family members and friends who prayed for me, cheered me on, comforted me and pointed me to Jesus, my only source of true healing. It was like opening bouquets of flowers all over again.

The cards got me thinking. Of Jesus. I thought of Jesus’ own broken body on the cross, dying so I, and all, could have eternal life, if only we believe His brokenness is our redemption. I thought of the beauty of His brokenness on the cross. Beauty in the sense that He perfectly obeyed The Father, God, and died in our place. Giving us Heaven. That’s beauty. The most perfect beauty in brokenness. Big beauty.


So, I ripped up all my get well cards and made some big beauty. (Well, on a much smaller scale than what Jesus did.) All the little pieces of the many cards created a spray of cheery flowers. I included encouraging words and prayers here and there, because they help my heart to soar, just as the bright colors do.

Why not make some beauty today? We all have brokenness. Yes, we ALL have brokenness, but I encourage you to try to bring that brokenness to Jesus, and then, let’s just see what beauty He makes with you!


Close-Up, Beauty In The Brokenness, Marcia Carole, Mixed Media