The Creative Call – Washington

Marcia – The Creative Call, with Trisha, lead of The Creative Call, Washington.

This past weekend, I had the privilege of hosting a booth at missions weekend for Northshore Community Church in Kirkland, Washington. My work globally is “The Creative Call” and you can find my website here:The Creative Call. Many stopped by my table to see what all the colors and shapes were about! (See below)

I have trained a team of artists who are leading workshops throughout the state of Washington. After much discussion, we agreed that they would be a group, or chapter, under the care of The Creative Call. I’ll be available to advise them, but they can run with their own workshops and trainings. This group has several workshops coming up; it’s an exciting time of growth for The Creative Call!

Many were interested in attending workshops of The Creative Call or in getting training to lead their own workshops.
Marcia at Missions Weekend in Kirkland, Washington

What a great weekend of making new connections and sharing how art can be used as a bridge to bring healing and hope into people’s stories.

Lots of art cards were handed out, and many saw the original art books I have made to tell God’s Story.
Three key artists at The Creative Call, Washington. Charise, Trisha and Amanda.
Many signed up to become more informed and join the email list.

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