Thank You Paul Neeley!

I’d like to thank friend and fellow creative, Paul Neeley, for sharing my post about my Peruvian art cards. He was so kind to write up a post about the cards on his own blog, which you can read HERE. He is working in India right now, but he took the time from his busy schedule to highlight my latest work – created in between rounds of chemo for stage 4 breast cancer. Thank you, Paul! Blessings to you on your travels.



2 thoughts on “Thank You Paul Neeley!

  1. Marcia Carole – I have just discovered your story and your global art, via an e-news GlobalChristianWorship – .
    You have our daily prayers as the cancer journey continues; and we will be purchasing some of your cards in support of your ministry.

    I am a United Methodist ordained Deacon (Virginia), Church consultant, pastoral musician and “Sunday artist’. My wife and I grew up in Lynchburg (both grads of Lynchburg College) and know Sweet Briar quite well – glad to see that you are an SBC alum!
    Your work is so faith-fully vivid and engaging – Thanks for your witness and mission!
    Deep Peace of God rest upon you. RogerD.


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