New Year, New Art Cards

I have completed my fifth round of chemo, and I have survived my worst day – day three, after the chemo is injected inside of me. After sleeping much of today, I was able to order some cards to sell in the new year. I don’t have any here from the printer yet, but they will come in January. Stay tuned!

Winter Cardinals, painted paper collage, Marcia Carole


Lavender Farm, watercolor, Marcia Carole


Sunny Italia, watercolor wax resist, Marcia Carole


Joy, acrylic on canvas, Marcia Carole
The backs of each card posts my website and blog

That’s about all I have energy for writing today. The cards will be my fresh beginning for a new year. I pray this coming year will also herald better health, cancer-freer days, and the end of chemo infusions!

4 thoughts on “New Year, New Art Cards

  1. O,I love them!! Especially “Lavender Farm” and “Joy”! Each painting is so full of hidden (and not so hidden) stories of adventure,struggles,and just…”Life”,as it unfolds for us all.I see so much ‘beauty out of the your ‘furnace of affliction’,dear sister-friend…what a Gifted woman of such intense faith,in the midst of such ‘intense pain’ and suffering.My admiration and sheer respect for who He has made you to be,continues to grow deep,and I am so honored to call you ‘friend’,and overjoyed to call you my ‘sister in Christ’,knowing our bond will last for an eternity.”Thank you”,for sharing your journey,in this MFC of diversely talented and gifted Family members 🙂 You are so loved. Sue4Him xxx

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  2. I left my “Comment”,but forgot to ask for the prices of your cards,shipping,how many,etc…Thanks so much! And please get all the rest you need,no hurry on the info,whenever you feel like writing again is fine. đź’–Love you and 🙏praying for you.Sue xxx


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