Love In Italia For Valentine’s Day


I have had the thrill of painting in Lucca, Italia during several summers, in recent years. I love to paint a balcony scene that is on a large square with an important cathedral. The real windows are often closed because of the hot, summer sunlight. When I have painted the scene, I have flung open the windows and added a couple in love. Love on Valentine’s Day – or in Italy, any day! I have museum quality gicleé prints on German etching paper available for sale, as well as blank cards, of this lovely scene.


Here is the young couple in an embrace. The curtain is blowing to represent life and love. The days I have spent in Italy have been grace-filled days. They have been days filled with beauty, good food, kind friends and lovely color everywhere. Such beauty has been restorative to my soul, mending fragile areas, and encouraging my heart.


This particular balcony has many pots of bright red flowers and flowers hanging on the stucco walls. The lively reds help me to see past dark days fighting cancer, and dark days healing from hard parts of my story.


I have seen the windows open when I was on one, maybe two, of my trips to Lucca, and it was fun to see the long white curtains blowing a bit in the breeze. Such life! I have exaggerated the blowing of the curtains in this watercolor. The wild curtain expresses my joy I have experienced in this town.


I’ve used washes of sienna to suggest shadows under the pots. A blue vase is casually tucked by one of the window shutters.


Here is a photograph of the real balcony in Lucca with the windows closed. It’s a much more lively scene to have the windows open! This photo must have been taken during the heat of the day, or when I was wandering around early in the morning. If you’d like to buy a print or a set of cards, please let me know at The prints are 11×14 for $40 / includes shipping costs. The cards are 10 blank 5×7 cards for $25 / shipping costs included. Please include your hard copy address when you email, and I’ll give you an address where you can mail payment. I only have 10 prints in this edition. Enjoy love in Italia!


The front of my art cards.


11×14 gicleé museum quality print.

New Year, New Art Cards

I have completed my fifth round of chemo, and I have survived my worst day – day three, after the chemo is injected inside of me. After sleeping much of today, I was able to order some cards to sell in the new year. I don’t have any here from the printer yet, but they will come in January. Stay tuned!

Winter Cardinals, painted paper collage, Marcia Carole


Lavender Farm, watercolor, Marcia Carole


Sunny Italia, watercolor wax resist, Marcia Carole


Joy, acrylic on canvas, Marcia Carole
The backs of each card posts my website and blog

That’s about all I have energy for writing today. The cards will be my fresh beginning for a new year. I pray this coming year will also herald better health, cancer-freer days, and the end of chemo infusions!

Thank You Paul Neeley!

I’d like to thank friend and fellow creative, Paul Neeley, for sharing my post about my Peruvian art cards. He was so kind to write up a post about the cards on his own blog, which you can read HERE. He is working in India right now, but he took the time from his busy schedule to highlight my latest work – created in between rounds of chemo for stage 4 breast cancer. Thank you, Paul! Blessings to you on your travels.



Art Cards – Beauty In Brokenness

Front of Beauty In Brokenness Art Cards, from Marcia’s original art.

I have ordered these cards from my printer, and I’ll have them available within the next two weeks. I’ll be having them available for purchase in the “bookstore” at my church. Also, as I can, I will make them available on my website.


Back of the art card, with an explanation of how the art was made.

I am so thankful for all of you who continue to cheer me in in the work God has called me to combining art, story and faith in Jesus.

The absence of suffering in my life is not my good. The nearness of God is my great, great GOOD. – Kara Tippetts