What is a Cross Page?  (2 Hour Workshop)

A Cross Page is a collage of one’s life stories, created around a cross to remind one that the work that Jesus finished on the cross brings one true life, healing, and freedom. This is a art project that is used as a tool to help one examine themselves, bring awareness, and celebrate God’s grace in their story. See “Why Art” page for more information.

This project is helpful with an individual or within a variety of groups including (but not limited to): leadership teams, bible study groups, and short-term mission teams.

Participants create a collage of four quadrants that represent different “pages” or chapters of one’s story. The medium of collage helps one communicate stories in which they have had no words for. One may use magazine pictures, colored papers, or fabric to represent emotions or events such as joy, hope, pain or loss etc.

After creating each quadrant, take time to share with a safe person or group. Making art often helps reach straight to one’s soul, and things long hidden may surface and be brought to the light. This is the beginning of healing for many. One may weep and rejoice with other as one’s stories are told. It is healing to be heard and seen by others who show compassion and empathy.  Then, take time to pray for one another speaking words of life, praising God for His grace, and bring comfort to the hard parts of one’s story.

Participants are encouraged to date their projects and journal about the process of creating this project and what they discovered.

Supply List:

  • 8 inch square piece of card stock weight paper
  • magazine pictures cut out
  • words
  • painted papers or scrap book papers
  • 2 narrow strips of painted paper to make cross
  • glue sticks
  • scissors

All materials are provided by The Creative Call. A materials fee is included in the workshop costs. 

PROJECT #1 Your Story


Making a collage that tells one’s personal Story. Moving from left to right, starting at the top answer these questions.

  • What one’s “beginnings,” childhood was like.
  • What does one “celebrate” in your story?
  • What is “hard” in  one’s story?
  • What does one “hope” for?





PROJECT #2 How Does God See You?

Read Judges chapter 6-8. Make a collage in response to the story of Gideon. Moving from left to right, starting at the top answer these question:

  • When were you gripped with fear? 
  • When did you feel very alone?
  • When did you feel very small? 
  • How does God see you? 




Project #3 Your Healing


Read Mark 2:1-12. Make a collage page in response to your reading and study. Moving from left to right, starting at the top answer the questions. Take time to look for deep needs to bring to Jesus.

  • What is an immediate need?
  • What is God saying?
  • What is a deeper need?
  • Who can be carried to Jesus in prayer?