Story Collage

What is Story Collage?  (2 Hour Workshop)

One way to share our stories is to make art representing different “pages” or chapters of our stories on paper. Using the medium of collage, our stories can come out more quickly, sometimes, than writing words. Bright papers and specific shapes made out of paper or fabric and colors that represent joy, success, new life in one’s culture and life are used for some “pages.” Darker papers and fabrics and other shapes are used to create the darker parts of our stories. Magazine pictures can be used to represent an entire story in our lives.

Supply List:

  • 7 or 8 inch square piece of card stock weight paper.
  • Magazine pictures cut out
  • painted papers
  • buttons, rick-rack, ribbons, fabric
  • 2 narrow strips of painted paper to make cross
  • bling items
  • glue sticks
  • scissors

PROJECT #1 (Ties in with Gideon study)

“One way to share parts of our story is to collage them. Words do not always need to be used. Some of the harder parts of our story can come out and be lifted from our hearts through art,” Marcia Carole

Here are four questions Marcia asks cross collage workshop participants to answer – not in words but in collage. (Sample collage at right.)

• When were you gripped with fear?  
• When did you feel very alone? 
• When did you feel very small?  
• How does God see you? 

PROJECT #2 (A Bridge For Story)

Cross Collage WorkshopHere are four questions to ask for the project at left. It is best not to use words, but a few words from magazines can be made available for participants. What were your childhood years like?What do you celebrate in your story?What is hard about your story?What do you hope for your story?

The art making often helps reach straight to one’s soul, and things long hidden may surface and be brought to the light. This is the beginning of healing for many. We may weep with each other and rejoice with each other as we share our stories. While telling our stories, others can speak truth, life, love and compassion into parts of our stories we have difficulty in sharing. Prayerful words of comfort and truth can be spoken into the stories of participants.

PROJECT #3  How is your heart?

This is a great question to ask  friends and to collage in order to be real and transparent with each other.

Project #4 Your Healing 

Read Mark 2:1-12. Make a collage page in response to your reading and study as shown at left. Answer the questions for each quadrant; pray through each part of your collage. Take time to look for deep needs to bring to Jesus.

Painting papers to use in this project is a helpful part of the creative process for storytelling. I often have participants paint their own papers they will be using in their story collage to help the creative process to begin.  

Project #5 What Are You Thinking? 

Have participants draw their face or even a stick figure of themselves. Then have them make a “thinking” bubble above the head area of their drawing. Within the drawn “thinking bubble,” have them collage what they are thinking about. This should spark some discussion and prayer.