Storyropes™ and Story Squares in Peru 2015

A wall of storyropes™ with the Peruvian leader, Eisleen.

I have just returned from a three week trip to Trujillo, Peru. What an amazing adventure! A team of 16 women served in seven women’s oasis centers using storyropes™ and story squares to help share personal stories. I always began our time together with a Bible teaching that emphasized Jesus’ love for women. I used my collaged art books to teach the Bible stories. Along with my American team, I was hoping to give each woman emotional courage through the Bible stories, so they could share their hearts, their stories, and release deep trauma.

Marcia Carole teaching the “Woman At The Well” story.

We prayed for each woman. The American and Peruvian leaders divided up into small groups in order to hear everyone’s story; those who felt comfortable sharing what they could, expressed relief and healing. It was especially meaningful when the Peruvian women prayed for the American women.

Praying through each story.
After praying, Each woman was given a crown to remind them they are daughters of the King of Kings! We then shared a simple meal together.
After many workshops, I felt so blessed and honored to know this dear new friend in Peru.

I’ll be sharing more detailed stories soon, but I wanted to share a first look at my time in Peru. Stay tuned for more!

How To Make A Storyrope™ – The Video

A video to help learn how to make a storyrope™

I have been working on a video to help explain how to make a Storyrope™ that is concise and easy to understand. Please click the above link. This may or may not be the one, but thank you for your patience in advance. I’m learning all kinds of new technology.

Storyropes™ are made within a Christian worldview framework. For more information on a Storyrope™ you can check out the inventor’s site and read first-hand about it. Marge Malwitz trained me, and now, I have the privilege of training others. Here is Marge’s site: Storyrope™