What is behind Your Mask ? (2 Hour Workshop)

The Your Mask is a collage that gives one an opportunity to bring awareness to the person they are allowing others to see and what they may be hiding from others. 

This project is helpful with an individual or within a variety of groups including (but not limited to): leadership teams, bible study groups, and short-term mission teams.

Participants create a collage on each side of a paper mask.

  1. On one side of the mask, participants glue on items that represent how they try to look on the outside and what they are publicly known for.
  2. On the reverse side, participants glue on items that represent things that are hidden, maybe roped off from discussion and from God, such as trauma, abuse, violation, racism and other sorrow. Perhaps unforgiveness is “mentioned” through the art. The art is a bridge to share a person’s story.

The medium of collage helps one communicate stories in which they have had no words for. One may use magazine pictures, colored papers, or fabric to represent emotions or events such as joy, hope, pain or loss etc.

After creating, take time to share with a safe person or group. Making art often helps reach straight to one’s soul, and things long hidden may surface and be brought to the light. This is the beginning of healing for many. One may weep and rejoice with other as one’s stories are told. It is healing to be heard and seen by others who show compassion and empathy.  Then, take time to pray for one another speaking words of life, praising God for His grace, and bring comfort to the hard parts of one’s story.

Participants are encouraged to date their projects and journal about the process of creating this project and what they discovered.

Supply List:

  • Paper mask
  • Magazine pictures cut out
  • Words
  • Painted papers or scrap book papers
  • Glue sticks
  • Scissors

All materials are provided by The Creative Call. A materials fee is included in the workshop cost.

One suggestion – After a time of sharing both sides of our masks, take time to pray for the things brought to the light. Then, consider bringing Scripture to various situations, or take new, redemptive pictures and place them next to the original pictures that may have expressed sorrow, loss, violation, shame, decease, abuse, hatred, prejudice, or issues with faith.